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Dr Zelby had me bring in pictures that showed my smile as it used to be and spent a lot of time discussing the options to find it again. I think the results speak for themselves!

Dr. Zelby blends the artistry of his field with an advanced approach to dentistry unequaled in personal attention and professional care.

We help our patients improve their self-image, confidence and well-being. When we take care of a patient, we look at the entire person. On your first visit, we will discuss your reasons for seeking a smile enhancement and ask you to describe how you feel about your smile. We will listen to you and discuss your image aspirations. The key is not to make things too perfect. “Variation is important for a natural look,” says Dr. Zelby.

Education: Our approach is extremely thorough. We examine teeth, gum tissue, and jaw joints as well as screen for oral cancer and TMJ to get a complete picture of your dental health. Rather than tell patients what their problems are, we educate them about dentistry and how best to care for their complete oral health. We will explain the difference between bonding, implants, crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers and our different teeth whitening procedures. Most smile makeovers use more than one procedure to complete your new smile. Every patient is unique, and we design a treatment plan around your needs and desires.

We know you're going to research and choose your next dentist in the Atlanta area with care.

To help you decide, our Smile Gallery contains dramatic images that demonstrates the kind of work Dr. Zelby has completed with our patients. We will work with you and together create a long-term personalized treatment plan. All in all, perfect results with no wasted time or money and no surprises.

You can contact us anytime to find out more about our practice (a fun and relaxing place) and what we can do for your smile (miracles!).